Animal stall equipment

The perfect stall for livestock and farmer

Vermeulen Construct is your specialist in housing equipment for pigs and poultry. We ensure a perfect finishing of your stable in terms of electricity, ventilation, air purification, feeding systems or manure separation. With over 26 years of experience in the industry, we know exactly what the modern farmer needs. In close cooperation with your stall builder, we will identify how we can equip your stable in the best possible way, according to your specific needs.

Vermeulen Construct’s perfect livestock stall is:

  • User-friendly and equipped in such way that your daily workload is lightened as much as possible.
  • Strong, reliable and made of durable materials.
  • Efficient and targeted at your productivity and profit.
  • Built with consideration for the well-being of the animals.
  • Always tailored to your specific needs.

Computer-controlled feeding systems

Vermeulen Construct specialises in the development of PLC or computer-controlled feed kitchens. Our systems enable you to program your feed mix and closely monitor the feed conversion of your animals. That way, you can reduce the feed costs.

VeDoWS stall system

Vermeulen Construct is a developer of the VeDoWS stabling system for manure separation. The VeDoWS system is included in the list of low-emission stabling systems, and ensures efficient separation of solid fraction and urine, aiming to counteract the formation of urease, which is harmful to humans and animals.

The VeDoWS stabling system separates the drainage of manure and urine by means of a manure and liquid manure gutter with manure scraper. Underneath the slatted floor a shallow cellar is constructed which enables the separation of urine and solid manure. Using a scraper, the solid manure is removed from the manure gutter daily. This primary separation of manure in the cellar is the basis of lower ammonia emissions.

You can count on us: 24/7!

Are you in urgent need of help with your electricity, ventilation or other aspects of your housing equipment? Then there is no time to lose. You can count on Vermeulen Construct for prompt and accurate service, 24/7, on weekdays and on weekends.

Do you have a question about stall equipment?

We will gladly help you with any question regarding stall equipment. Feel free to give us a call on: (+32)57 22 41 21 or send an e-mail to sinfo@verumejuleundcownhstruct.ibe.