About us

Quality tailored to the farmer

Vermeulen Construct develops agricultural machines for the processing of leeks under its own name. In addition, we are also active in the field of animal stall equipment. Our employees are all specialists in the field of metal construction, electricity, ventilation and feeding.

  • Leek processing machinery: For every step in the process of leek production, Vermeulen Construct has the right solution. Our planting, harvesting, strip tilling, peeling and packaging machines guarantee productivity and top quality.

  • Animal stall installations: Vermeulen Construct is your specialist in housing equipment for pigs and poultry. We ensure a perfect finish of your stable in terms of electricity, ventilation, air purification, feeding systems and manure separation. Vermeulen Construct is a developer and distributor of the unique VEDOWS stabling system for manure separation.

  • Tailored construction: Vermeulen Construct is the ideal supplier of custom-made metal constructions for your leek processing, animal stall equipment and other activities.

Why choose for Vermeulen Construct?

  • Over 26 years of experience in the agricultural sector
  • Innovative and durable solutions
  • Punctual service, 24/7
  • A family-run company that guarantees continuity

Our history

Vermeulen consists of two different companies, both of which are active in the agricultural sector. Together they stand for sustainable solutions for leek processing and animal stall equipment. Geert Vermeulen started the barn equipment activities in 1990. In 1998, Hein Vermeulen and Conny Adriaen joined the business, and the first company was founded. In 2000, a second company was founded by Johan, Geert and Hein Vermeulen and Conny Adriaen.