Leek processing

Quality and productivity for your leek processing

Vermeulen Construct is a specialist in the field of leek processing. We manufacture and distribute everything required for leek cultivation.

Our machines are continuously developed based on our years of experience in the sector and valuable feedback we receive from the market. In this way, Vermeulen Construct is always able to produce machines that guarantee quality and productivity.

  • Leek planting machines
    Our leek planting machines break open the ground and drop the leek plant in such way that the quality of the plant is preserved and it drops down straight, so it grows better.

  • Strip tilling machines
    The strip tillers and earthing up/ridging machines by Comeb are easily adaptable to different circumstances and built to last.

  • Leek harvesting machines
    Achieving maximum yields without sacrificing the quality of the product. This is a challenge every leek farmer is faced with. Vermeulen Construct's leek harvesting machines combine these two requirements like no other.

  • Leek peeling machines
    Vermeulen Construct's leek peeling machines offer a high capacity per hour, and allow you to process large volumes of leeks, while also delivering a beautiful end product. Leek peeling machines are available with several options, such as with or without cutting unit.

  • Leek carousel
    With the round leek carousel, you can efficiently collect the harvested leeks and create a reserve that then can easily be sorted. Vermeulen Construct's containers are available with several levels to sort the leeks as efficiently and productively as possible.

  • Packaging machines
    Our machines provide a perfect finish to your leek product, including cutting to size, weighing and packing. We will check the specific packaging requirements for you, but we always deliver a user-friendly machine, requiring little maintenance.

Do you have a question about leek processing?

Every project is unique. We will gladly help you with any question regarding leek processing. Feel free to give us a call on: (+32)57 22 41 21 or (+32)475 65 34 25 or send an e-mail to infqo@xviejrlmveulednconkstrbuctw.ube.